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Granite memorial benches are becoming increasingly popular  as more individuals choose cremation – especially when the loved one’s cremated remains final resting place is not at the cemetery. They're perfect for cherished locations such as cabins, lakehomes, and gardens.

More and more families are choosing memorial benches, allowing them to keep cremated remains close, in a special and cherished location. Keeping a loved one’s cremated remains helps preserve the memory of the individual; keeping their memory intact for the generations to follow. 

Cremation Benches

This bench is 100% polished and 48” wide x 14” deep x 4” tall with 12” x 14” x 14” legs that are polished and cored for cremated remains.


This single benches stands an overall 18” with base dimensions of 14” tall x 12” wide x 14” deep.


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