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22714 Georgia
Tablet 2-6x0-6x1-2 Polished 2, Balance Sawn, Custom Shape
Base 3-0x1-0x0-6 PFT, 2" Margin, BRP
34527 Black Double Heart
Tablet 3-6x0-6x2-6 All Polished, Double Heart
Base (China Gray) 4-6x1-0x0-6 PFT, BRP
21262 Barre
2-0x0-10x1-4 Polished Slant, Serp Top, Sawed Back, BRP, Standard Nosings, Bottom Sawed
21921 Rustic Mahog
Slant 2-0x0-10x1-4 Pol. Face, Rock Bk, BRP, Standard Nosing
12197 Northstar
Seat 4-0x1-2x0-4
PFT, Balance Sawn Legs 1-0x0-4x1-2
Polished 1, Steeled 1,
21260 Charcoal
Tablet 3-0x0-6x1-8
P2, Serp, BRP
Base 4-0x1-0x0-6 PFT,
12631 Nagar Black
Tablet 3-6x0-6x2-2 All Polished, Custom Shape
Base 4-6x1-0x0-6 PFT, 2" Margin, BRP
21169 Sen Red
Tablet 3-0x0-8x2-0 All Polished, Serp Top
Base 4-0x1-2x0-8 Rex Black PFT, BRP
8166 Georgia Gray
Slant 3-0x0-10x1-4 Rex Design 1080 (no Carving)
21232 Wisconsin Red
Tablet 4-6x0-8x2-2 P3, Serp Top, w/2in Pol. Margins on sides, BRP
Base 5-6x1-2x0-8 PFT, BRP
16681 Rustic Mahogany
Seat 4-0x1-2x0-6 P2 Seat
Legs 1-0x0-6x1-0 P2, Flat Top
12150 Rustic Mahogany
Tablet 3-0x0-8x1-6 P2, Serp Top
Base 5-0x1-2x0-8 PFT, BRP
25861 RexBlack
Tablet: 2-2x0-8x3-4 Polished 2, Brp, Rex Design 1119
Base: 4-0x1-2x0-8 PFT, Polished 2" Margin, BRP
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8166 Georgia Gray

Slant 3-0x0-10x1-4 Rex Design 1080 (no Carving)