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Rex Granite Production Update:

To our Valued Customers,


   As we all know, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is making news for the impact it is having on global supply chains. While All of our overseas suppliers have reopened and are working at full production, we are beginning to see the ripple effect of supply shortages and supply chain disruptions in the United States.

Containers are still moving, just at a slower pace as with all imported items. We just received two containers at Rex Granite this week and have multiple containers expected to be received next month.


  Our shipping rate for inbound imported granite containers has tripled since January 2021. We have been absorbing these costs hoping that the rates would return to normal. We are not seeing any rate relief in the near future, maybe early 2022, in the mean time rates will continue to rise.


  Effective immediately, we will need to implement a .20cent per pound of weight, shipping surcharge. This is hopefully just a temporary surcharge and when rates return to something normal this surcharge will be removed.


  The Surcharge will be built into your prices on your acknowledgments.

We will not be issuing new price books as this is a a short term issue hopefully.


  Current orders will not increase in price, current quotes will have the increase applied when they become orders..

  We can’t control the COVID-19 outbreak nor the shortages and surges it may cause. What we can do is try to mitigate the impacts on supply chains by communicating with one another, working together, and planning ahead.

As a result of these shortages our inventory has been severely exhausted and we have seen a huge increase in manufactured orders. This is causing increased delays on the manufactured side as well as the import.


 Going forward we will be implementing a few changes to our processes to better handle the influx of orders & delays.

 The following are in effect as of now:

 ▪ All Domestic orders approved from this point on will have an estimated completion date of Spring 2022*.


 ▪ All Import orders as of now will have an estimated completion date of Spring/Summer 2022*.


 ▪ All new orders placed in any Import Granite Color will be entered as an overseas order and have an estimated   completion date of Spring/Summer 2022*. At time of approval, if we have the stone in-stock, we will use the in-         stock piece.


 ▪ We are no longer accepting pre-payment to hold in-stock stone nor will we be ‘holding’ stones for specific orders.


 ▪ We are in the process of phasing out Charcoal granite due to the increased difficulty of acquiring it as well as   cost. We will be manufacturing Charcoal in 2022 until our supplies run out. Once that occurs, all Charcoal orders   will be entered as overseas orders and every order will require an overseas quote due to the fluctuation of cost –   you can use Grey St. Cloud in its place if needed.


 ▪ We will be introducing Weber Gray as an alternative to Charcoal. Expect the cost to be about 5% more than   Coral Blue. Details to come.


 *PLEASE NOTE: All estimated completion time frames ARE ESTIMATES ONLY. We cannot and will not guarantee   any dates on any orders.

 What can you do to help? 

  We ask that if you have any approved orders that can be pushed back to 2022 to please let us know so we can work on the ones in higher demand. This will greatly help with moving orders though faster and alleviating backlog.

  As always, we are trying the best that we can to help better manage the current state of things while also setting realistic expectations for you and your customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns, or clarification you may need.


  We appreciate your understanding in how these issues are affecting not only us but the entire granite industry. Our commitment to servicing your needs remains unchanged and we will continue to serve you with the care and quality you have come to expect from Rex Granite for the past 100 years.


Thank you,

The Rex Granite Team



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