Granite Color Guide

A Color for Any

With one of the biggest assortments of color options in the nation and full manufacturing and import capabilities - there is not a monument you can’t dream up with Rex Granite. Does a particular color catch your eye? Contact Us for more information!

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Academy Black Granite

Academy Black

American Black Granite

American Black

Autumn Brown Granite Color

Autumn Brown

Barre Granite Color


Bellingham Granite Color


Blue Pearl Granite Color

Blue Pearl

Cat's Eye Red

China Gray

China Green

China Pink

Coffee Brown

Coral Blue

Diamond Gray

Diamond Pink

Emerald Pearl

Georgia Gray

Gold Star

Gray St. Cloud

Hasan Green

Lake Superior Green


Morning Rose

Mountain Red Granite Color

Mountain Red

Northstar Black Granite Color

Northstar Black

Paradiso Dark Granite Color

Paradiso Dark


Red Deer Brown Granite Color

Red Deer Brown

Rex Black

Rex Impala

Rockville White

Rockville White

Royal Black

Royal Emerald

Royal Emerald

Rustic Mahogany Granite Color

Rustic Mahogany

Sentinel Red

Sierra White Granite Color

Sierra White

Silver Cloud Granite Color

Silver Cloud

Silver Grey Granite Color

Silver Grey

Sunset Red Granite Color

Sunset Red

Taj Aurora

Tropical Green Granite Color

Tropical Green